Security Management

By utilizing years of specialized military and security experience and an intensive network of security professionals in all fields, we can offer security management solutions to fit within the clients budget. The world we live in, security has become an essential and unavoidable part of any business where lose be it personnel or assets more often outweighs the price of an effective security solution.

   Security Analysis

  • Analyse all existing security protocols and systems
  • Provide a working solution on results of analysis.
  • Retraining of security staff and employees in revised protocols
  • Liase with security service providers to provide services and hardware to suit your business and budget
   Risk and Threat Assessments
  • Assess security
  • Ensure systems are put in place to minimize risk 
  • Assess localized threat in area of business
  • Facilitate polygraph test for pre-employment and post incident 
  • Assess executive travel risk and provide solutions
  • Conduct or facilitate investigations 


  • Train or retrain security staff to protocols
  • Security protocol training for all staff at all levels
  • Security awareness at work and home
  • Skill set training for living in urban and rural communities
  • Incident survival and mind set training

   Additional Security Services

  • Providing executive close protection
  • Physical security solutions for high risk clients
  • Co-ordinating service providers for comprehensive security solutions